iPhone Information

iPhone 6The Apple iPhone has raving fans all across the globe.

It is truly phenomenal how well Apple as a company has done in generating – and cultivating – this rabid fan base, salivating at the mouth to get the next latest and greatest product from the Cupertino-based company.

Yes their marketing has been first-class amazing.  But that is a whole other story.  And well worth listening to.

One central key bit of secret sauce that Steve Jobs injected into his company was simplicity.

It is an overlooked concept, but it is essentially what gave Apple the edge in making world-beating brilliant products.

Simplicity on focusing on what matters.  While many other technology companies were throwing feature upon new feature into their gadget, Apple threw in simplicity, and stuck to its guns.

Apple focused on doing a smaller number of things really well.

The design was fantastic.  Everything felt smooth and sleek.

Everything worked very well.

You have a phone.  And you have a computer.

Apple cleverly opted to keep a lot of the power of what an iPhone can do, hidden just out of sight, unless you really need it.

The Mum Test

If my mum can drive a peice of technology, then it is simple to use.  Not that my mum is simple.  Just that she is getting on in life, and much of modern technology is still new and surprising to her.  So if she can take to an iPhone without too much effort, then it is easy to use.

I often thought it was quite arrogant that for years, Apple did not include even a token effort at an instructions manual or instrcutions guide in with your new iPhone.  They could do this because they knew that a) it really is that simple, and b) word of mouth was what was encouraging a lot of people to get an iPhone, and the instructions of swipe and pinch etc were being passed from person to person.  So they let that word of mouth propagate and grows.

There’s An App For That

The ‘App For That’ advert and spin-offs really captured the common dialect, with thousands of people misappropriating the phrase, and using it for many other purposes.  But centrally, it did the iPhone a lot of favours.  It got across the point that the iPhone was a computer in your pocket, that you could add software (the ‘app’) to in order to do whatever it was you wanted done.